WELCOME YOU'VE JUST REACHED  iHefalump.WEEBLY.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :{D

Hi there! My name (or user name) is hefalump555. Welcome to my web page.  READ ALL ABOUT ME RIGHT HERE ON THIS VERY HOME PAGE!!!!!!!!!! I am 11, I love playing soccer, I HATE school, I love church, I like swimming, my favorite weather is either snowy or rainy, My all time BFFs are as folows MS, MT, KO, IM, SC, MA, PN, RJR, JY, KD, AND DV OR DANNY VELA <3   and like 75 others, I am gate, I am a straight A student, one of my BFFs: Maureen Tang: always FREAKS, MS and KO have and always will be my #1 BFFs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is alot more about me to know, but for now I can't think of anything else because I am like crazy tired so yeah. Ohh and also, Joy hacks peoples site SO IF YOU HACK MY SITE WATCH OUT FOR UR OWN GOOD, JOY, GOT IT??? GOOD. Ohh yeah, my site name is only iHefalump because hefalump555 is my username for like everything or everywebsite I go on like Club Penguin and Weebly and yeah so, um and my first stuffed animal like EVER had Hefalum yes Hefalum not hefalump but Hefalum on its tag so I named it Hefalump  :) .

Make sure to check out the rest of my site!!! :D